World Hepatitis Day 2018

World Hepatitis Day 2018

300 million people are living with viral hepatitis and don’t know it. 

Join us on World Hepatitis Day 2018 in the quest to Find the Missing Millions. 

Out of the 325 million people living with viral hepatitis globally, upward of 300 million (that’s 9 in 10!) are living with the hepatitis B or hepatitis C without knowing. Without a massive scale-up in diagnosis, treatment rates will fall, infection rates will rise and our opportunity to eliminate viral hepatitis by 2030 will be lost.

On WHD, we are launching the Find the Missing Millions global campaign to raise awareness of viral hepatitis, increase testing both at individual and policy level and improve linkage to care.

Join us on World Hepatitis Day 2018 in the quest to Find the Missing Millions. Sign up here.

World Hepatitis Day 2018 Theme: Eliminate Hepatitis

In 2016, 194 governments adopted WHO’s Global Strategy on Viral Hepatitis, which includes a goal of eliminating hepatitis B and C by 2030, yet only a handful of countries are on track to meet these targets.

We are at a critical juncture. Unless we take action now, our chance to eliminate a cancer-causing illness will be missed. On WHD 2018, we are calling on all individuals and organisations to unite under the theme of “Eliminate Hepatitis” to drive action, build momentum and hold governments accountable. Because only together can we eliminate viral hepatitis by 2030.

World Hepatitis Day 2018 Campaign: Find the Missing Millions

Recognising the elimination of viral hepatitis will not be achieved without finding the undiagnosed and linking them to care, the World Hepatitis Alliance is launching a quest to Find the Missing Millions on World Hepatitis Day.

The quest starts a three year awareness-raising and advocacy campaign which aims to educate, influence national testing policies and encourage people to get screened and/or become advocates in the quest to find the undiagnosed. 

The campaign will be launched on WHD to bring much needed attention to the fact the millions of people are living with viral hepatitis unaware. It should also be used to inspire the community to take action to support the uptake in screening and diagnosis, whilst driving action to join the quest and link people living with the disease to care.

To support the launch of the campaign and advocacy efforts, we are also launching a white paper on ‘Overcoming the barriers to diagnosis: The role of people living with viral hepatitis in finding the missing millions’. This paper includes the key results from a global survey on barriers to diagnosis and the key recommendations on how stakeholders can help overcome them. The white paper will be launched on World Hepatitis Day. Sign up here to be one of the first to receive it.