Get Involved

Get Involved

From hosting an event to sharing materials, there are hundreds of ways to get involved on World Hepatitis Day 2019.

World Hepatitis Day is a unique occasion when patients, civil society, the general public and governments come together and unite to tackle viral hepatitis. It is the biggest date in the year to make noise around viral hepatitis so it is the perfect opportunity for us to launch the quest to find the missing millions. Find out more about the WHD campaign here.

Organise an event

Organising an event is one of the most impactful ways to mark World Hepatitis Day and help to find the missing millions. Check out the campaign toolkit for more information.

Raise awareness on social media

Create your own WHD posters and share them on social media, use them in your media outreach or display them at your events. Download WHD materials here.

Advocate for change

One of the primary objectives of the campaign is to influence decision-makers to develop and implement testing strategies. Find out how you can use WHD to advocate for change in the campaign toolkit.

Become a campaign supporter

Show your support on WHD and receive updates about the campaign by becoming a campaign supporter.