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Latest News

News from the World Hepatitis Alliance

Supporting the development of national action plans in South America

31 Jan 2015 Bridie Taylor

Government commitment to comprehensive national action plans is key to addressing the burden of viral hepatitis. To support the development of...

Exploring new treatment developments and innovative ways to finance healthcare

31 Jan 2015 Bridie Taylor

New therapeutic developments are revolutionising the way hepatitis is treated. But with a global lack of funding, how can these pioneering new drugs...


News from infohep

Prescribers of opioid substitutes lack funding, facilities and guidelines to treat hepatitis C, global survey reveals

24 Jun 2019
Only thirty percent of physicians who prescribe opioid substitution therapy to people who inject drugs have also prescribed direct-acting antivirals...

Risk of Parkinson's disease lower in people treated for hepatitis C

18 Jun 2019 Keith Alcorn
People with hepatitis C who received interferon-based treatment were less likely to develop Parkinson’s disease, a large study from Taiwan has...

Hepatitis C more stigmatising than HIV: gay men’s attitudes towards hepatitis C reinfection

13 Jun 2019
Qualitative research with HIV-positive gay and bisexual men in Australia who had been cured of hepatitis C infection revealed that having hepatitis C...

Just 18% of people with hepatitis/HIV co-infection and cirrhosis are screened for liver cancer as often as recommended

11 Jun 2019 Roger Pebody
There is a “strikingly low adherence” to clinical guidelines for ultrasound screening for hepatocellular carcinoma in Western Europe, researchers...

France switches to simplified pangenotypic hepatitis C treatment

5 Jun 2019 Keith Alcorn
French health authorities have recommended that everyone diagnosed with hepatitis C should be treated with a pangenotypic direct-acting antiviral...

How much can 'Netflix'-style pricing for hepatitis C drugs save?

3 Jun 2019 Keith Alcorn
A `Netflix`-style pricing agreement that allows the Australian government to treat an unlimited number of people with hepatitis C for AU$1 billion...

What do people who inject drugs think of point-of-care HCV testing?

20 May 2019 Keith Alcorn
Point-of-care testing to diagnose hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection has the potential to eliminate the need for multiple appointments to confirm...

World Health Organization calls for greater focus on people who inject drugs in HCV treatment scale-up plans

30 Apr 2019 Keith Alcorn
The World Health Organization (WHO) has called for greater commitments to scale up hepatitis C virus (HCV) testing and treatment services to people...

Hepatitis elimination by 2030 in doubt as countries fail to scale up diagnosis and treatment

24 Apr 2019 Keith Alcorn
Most countries will struggle to eliminate hepatitis C by 2030 due to lack of investment and political will, missing an internationally agreed target...

Emricasan misses study endpoint for improving portal hypertension in people with NASH

24 Apr 2019 Liz Highleyman
The experimental caspase inhibitor emricasan did not meet the statistical threshold for improvement of portal hypertension in people with non-...