Our Story

Our Story

The World Hepatitis Alliance was founded in 2007 to give people living with viral hepatitis a voice and to address the staggering lack of political priority given to a disease which kills over 1.3 million people each year

Back in 2006, very little was being done to address the enormous health threat of viral hepatitis. As an example, out of the 8,000 people working for WHO, not one had the word ‘hepatitis’ in their job title.

In response Charles Gore, the current President of WHA, and Raquel Peck, the current CEO, invited patient groups from across the world to gather in Barcelona in 2007, where they decided to create the first World Hepatitis Day to raise awareness of these cancer-causing viruses. Subsequently WHA was formed. 

Since 2007, the World Hepatitis Alliance has completely transformed the landscape for viral hepatitis, going from a time where there was absolutely no awareness of the disease and practically zero commitment from countries to tackle it, to now having hepatitis featuring as a global development priority in the Sustainable Development Goals and having a WHO global strategy aimed at eliminating viral hepatitis as a public health threat by 2030.

We also pioneer global events, including the World Hepatitis Summit, World Hepatitis Day and NOhep, the first global movement to eliminate viral hepatitis. Read our Annual Report to find out how we have advanced the viral hepatitis agenda and our Strategic Plan to learn more about our actions.

Milestones on our road to elimination

WHA established
First community-led World Hepatitis Day celebrated
Viral hepatitis appears on WHO agenda, for the first time ever!
World Hepatitis Day, a community-led event, is officially recognised by governments and becomes one of only four disease
First ever WHO resolution on viral hepatitis adopted
Global Hepatitis Programme established at WHO headquarters
WHA granted Official Relations status with the World Health Organization
WHA President, Charles Gore, invited to be one of the 20 members of the WHO Director-General’s Strategic and Technical Advisory Committee on hepatitis
Second viral hepatitis resolution adopted at the 67th World Health Assembly
Inaugural World Hepatitis Summit is held in Glasgow, Scotland
WHO PAHO Action Plan adopted
WHO WPRO Action Plan adopted
Global Health Sector Strategy adopted by 194 governments at 68th World health Assembly, with a commitment to eliminate viral hepatitis by 2030
WHO EURO Action Plan adopted
NOhep launched on World Hepatitis Day 2016
Africa launched a regional framework to eliminate viral hepatitis by 2030